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12-Sep-2019 06:06

Read more » by Julie Halpin Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains Julie Halpin I feel like a curious child stumbling through the world of the unknown, mesmerized by anything new and easily distracted by something shiny.

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I found a career that I could be proud of: sex education.

Director of Education & Professional Training Planned Parenthood Association of Bucks County & Planned Parenthood of Northeast & Mid-Penn As the big sister to no less than seven siblings, I fell into the role of teacher at a very young age.

It has been an exciting journey and I don’t regret a single chapter.

Afterwards, the dad drove her home and as he pulled onto her block, it was instantly obvious that a big party was happening at her house. Read more » Note the study’s chart incorrectly lists the URLs for PAMF and Sex, Etc.

The correct URLS are, respectively, org/teen and journal Clinical Pediatrics recently published a study evaluating the different sexual health information websites for adolescents.

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