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People can keep up a decent facade for about 3-4I was looking for something deeper, maybe more spiritual or psychological, but this book still had some value despite being focused on a the more physical aspects of intimacy."On average, in Mexico City, couples touched each other 185 times an hour; in Paris it was 115 times an hour.In London, couples did not touch each other at all and in Florida [USA] it was twice an hour." (pp 109-10) Needless to say, affectionate touching (not necessarily sexual), is a basic way to communicate desire, trust, and love to a partner, so try doing it more.Humans are a unique species in that we are wired for both monogamy and polyamory. I am definitely monogamous, when I image being in a polyamorous relationship I quickly understand that my response would be to give up and go find someone who wants to be monogamous.

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It was refreshing to hear that we are hardwired for both, with some people tending towards monogamy and others towards polyamory.

The rest of my review, I break down into the following areas that were of interest to me.