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As the date was wrapping up, Paul asked if she wanted to go for a drive, reluctantly agreeing that they wouldn’t stray too far from home.

To Amy’s alarm, Paul drove her much farther out than she expected—hitting the Ingraham Trail, they sped by the city’s borders in his truck, passing Prosperous Lake and Madeline Lake, more than 27 kilometres out of the city.

There’s no doubt dating apps have a role to play in promoting safe romantic interactions, and in many cases, platforms have taken their responsibilities to heart.

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(To protect Amy’s identity, both their names have been changed.) Online dating websites and the mobile apps that followed have made dating and hook-ups more convenient than ever.A sexual assault nurse examiner, Stephanie Carlson, told the court that she has conducted more than 600 rape exams and only once before has she seen an external anal injury as large as the one found on this woman.Nikdima was born in Albania and spent most of his adult years in Greece before immigrating to Canada in 2013.Bonnie Allen is a senior reporter for CBC News based in Saskatchewan.

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Before returning to Canada in 2013, Allen spent four years reporting from across Africa, including Libya, South Sudan, Liberia and Sierra Leone.

After lunch, when it was time for Nikdima to drive her back to her car, he drove south on Lewvan Drive out of the city. Then, she said, he told her, "' We'll go up here and go for a bit of a walk.