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21-Apr-2020 13:15

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Just like they have the right to say no to a physical sexual act, they have the right to say no to sending a picture that makes them uncomfortable.

Reminding your child of this can help give them the confidence they need to stick to their convictions.

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70% of kids who sext do so with their boyfriend or girlfriend, and as many as 61% of them admit that they felt pressured into the act.

In some states, sharing nude pictures of a minor–even through texting or other means–is considered a criminal offense.

Sexting starts to break down barriers against sexual behavior, making it easier for teens and tweens to cross the line in other ways.

Having the “sexting” talk with your tweens and teens is becoming even more critical than ever, and chances are you should have it sooner than you think. The repercussions of sexting, however, can stay with your child for a long time.

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You want to know if your child has been pressured to sext or has engaged in inappropriate texting behavior.

Ideally, you want to keep having this conversation well into early adulthood.