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15-Feb-2020 13:48

Criminals have become adept at using encryption and the so-called dark web to cloak themselves, requiring greater effort by law enforcement to identify them.Even so, mainstream technology companies, like Apple, have come to embrace encryption technologies, particularly after disclosures about large-scale data collection by the National Security Agency.“There are really good reasons to have end-to-end encryption, but we have to acknowledge it comes with trade-offs,” said Hany Farid, a professor at the University of California, Berkeley, who helped develop technology in 2009 for detecting online child abuse imagery.It was unclear whether photos and videos of abuse were actually more prevalent on Facebook or were just being detected at a high rate.“We’re not picking on Facebook,” Mr. He compared the millions of reports from Messenger with those sent by Apple, which encrypts its i Message system.Apple sent 43 reports last year and about 150 so far in 2019.

Fernando Ruiz Pérez, head of operations for cybercrimes at Europol, said Facebook was responsible for a “very high percentage” of reports to the European Union.

The Justice Department has repeatedly sought ways to break encryption, but doing so would create opportunities for hackers and allow for broader surveillance. Raman, the associate deputy attorney general, said platforms like Facebook provided opportunities for child predators that were not readily available in the real world, creating a need for more scrutiny.“It’s a unique platform,” he said.

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