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17-Sep-2019 17:54

However, as a site dedicated to strengthening marriages, we feel strongly that it’s a topic that needs to be more openly and candidly discussed and studied.

That’s why today we’re tackling the (sometimes uncomfortable and awkward) topic of…Pornography is on the rise!

Pornography leads to objectification rather than a meaningful interaction with another person. When men and women were exposed to porn, they were less likely to be pleased with their partner’s physical appearance, affection, and sexual performance.

There’s a big difference between having sex and making love. Not only does porn affect how users view others but it also affects how they view themselves.

Some doctors even suspect that increased porn usage is the cause of the rise in women seeking plastic surgery to change their bodies!

Pornography, at its core, is all about selfishness and immediate gratification.

In contrast, true marital intimacy is a giving of oneself.

A relationship where one spouse is only interested in taking usually does not last very long.

People who use porn regularly often have a hard time being gentle during lovemaking. Interesting, considering that gratitude and selfishness are opposites.

So, why is there so much confusion about pornography?

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If you’re ever on social media you’ve probably noticed that there is a lot of debate and contradicting views when it comes to the topic of pornography.Most people who view pornography go to great lengths to keep it hidden.It’s most often watched late at night when their spouse is asleep or when they are home alone.Our intent is not to get on a soapbox or start a debate, but to really look at the effects pornography has on relationships and, specifically, marriage.

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