Dating and sex after 50

08-Oct-2019 15:56

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Women need to let go of the idea that after the age of 50, women have a diminishing or lower libido post menopause. Letting go of perceptions of what sexuality is about can help Sex After 50: 1. Somehow many women have this notion they are only supposed to get sexual satisfaction from or after the sexual satisfaction of their partner.

While she can certainly take pleasure from interacting with her partner, the reality is that both she and her partner can manifest greater satisfaction by focusing only on her pleasure.

This is sort of a silver lining, since we understand each other's pain issues perfectly, and are in this together, although we'd really have neither of us afflicted.

We still enjoy what we have: ability to really talk together, like same plays, films, types of vacations, politics.

Despite this, and probably to "Laurel's" disappointment, I do not want to go "f**k something" - at least, not something other than my wife. There are many things about physical intimacy that don't have to be intercourse or orgasm.

And frankly, the older I get, the more important things are physical touch, physical contact - comforting, nurturing, soothing.

Making that shift in perspective can lead to better sex for everyone. Stop worrying about “taking too long” to achieve pleasure. Shifting the emphasis from orgasm to touching, kissing, stroking.

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They are ready to do something different and their focus has suddenly begun to center on their relationship with their own sexuality.For many women, turning 50 triggers their sexuality alarm clock.This emerging interest in sex life often results in the best sex they have ever had.Women need to discover that their job in bed is no longer about getting the partner off efficiently and neatly.

When they learn to speak their own desires (not an easy thing to learn if they don't really know what they are), they are able to invite their partners into their pleasure.we are about lose our marriage over this sex problem..What to do I came across this article cruising through Psychology Today, and thought of one of the most sensual and erotic sexual experiences I have ever had.Possibly you could include a bit about one's sex drive diminishing because of some of the effects of aging which are here to stay.