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18-Nov-2019 08:46

But Stephen Cobb, a senior researcher in the San Diego office of ESET, has a lot of insight on the matter.He’s studied the interconnection between porn and the internet for more than 30 years.Q: Do hackers develop malware that targets people who use these sites?And is the malware more sophisticated than you would find on other types of sites?What are the options for getting rid of the malware?A: A good security suite will be able to remove most malware infections and should also come with free phone support.In some cases, the problem is compounded by the fact that a person is so embarrassed about getting a malware infection that they don’t seek technical support in a timely manner. We have see numerous cyber crime campaigns that scare people into paying bogus fines with warnings like this: “This computer was used to visit websites containing illegal pornography.” Obviously a threat like that is more effective if the person receiving it has actually been visiting porn sites.Anyone who is planning on visiting an adult website should make sure their computer or mobile device has a full suite of up-to-date anti-malware and anti-phishing software, and they should know the latest tricks and scams.

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Q: Are there a lot of hackers making a lot of money by placing malware on porn sites?

A: Most cyber crime is driven by classic business principles, like return-on-investment and targeted marketing.

So, yes, you will see malware on porn sites that leverages video display software.

The hackers then used the photos to try to extort money from people. We saw a variation of this scheme in “Shut Up and Dance,” the third episode of the third series of the British sci-fi video series “Black Mirror.” A young man is blackmailed by someone who used the webcam in the lad’s laptop to record him watching porn.

Q: I’ve also read that some users receive pop-up messages on their screens saying things like, “Microsoft windows has detected that a porn virus has infected your system and is trying to steal pictures, data and social networking passwords.” How should a user respond to a message like that?

Alternatively, they should use a Chromebook or a cheap secondhand Windows 7 laptop that has no personal information or banking/shopping/email/file-sharing apps on it.

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