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07-Jan-2020 20:22

While companies obviously need to harden their defences against intrusion as much as possible, they must also prepare their data for the event of a successful attack.

All data pertaining to customers should be automatically classified and encrypted the moment it is created, ensuring that only authorised users can open it.

With the previous attacks we have seen on these types of websites you would have expected the password storage security to have been increased but sadly this is not the case here.

The methods used were considered poor practise by some and terrible by others.

This event also marks the second time Friend Finder has been breached “Unfortunately many businesses simply do not learn their lesson and by failing to implement proper cyber security controls repeatedly place the privacy of users at risk.

By storing passwords in clear text or insecure formats, companies render even complex passwords useless.

With this in place, even if data is stolen it will be much more difficult for criminals to make use of it.

While it's the largest data breaches that grab our attention, even smaller information security failures can have a big impact on a business, reducing its credibility, turning off current and potential clients, and making individuals far more vulnerable to fraud and identity theft.

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Data was also stolen from,,, and i, according to Leaked Source. Also popular on RNC Chair Reince Priebus is named Donald Trump’s chief of staff.

Companies need to start putting in measures to stop these passwords being used.

We have the lists, they have the lists, it’s a simple lookup.

is investigating reports that data from more than 412 million user accounts was stolen from five of the company’s online-dating, sex-chat and pornography sites.

The stolen data includes 20 years of customer email addresses and passwords, according to Leaked, an anonymously run website that sells access to stolen records.Classics such as “123456” and “password” have been flagged up time and again after other sites have been breached.Both internet users and the security industry as a whole need to get their respective acts together on this in order to prevent the still very widespread and repetitive use of extremely poor credentials.” Adam Brown, Manager, Security Solutions at “When data breaches occur you want to be sure that the data that is extracted is encrypted to such a level that it is of no use to outsiders.Many of the stolen records are from accounts that are no longer active, Leaked Source said.

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