A sexy service

19-Jan-2020 15:20

Let's jump right in and see what Ikebukuro has to offer!The first cafe on our recommendation list is Ikebukuro Boys BL Gakuen (Ikebukuro Boys BL Academy), also known as Ike Gaku.Students wearing neckties with red lines are freshmen, blue lines are sophomores, and green lines are seniors.You may even bump into the school director, vice-principal, teachers, and other admin staff too while you're wandering around the premises!

This is a familiar food item also found in maid cafes, except here in this shop, instead of cute girls, male zaikōsei students will be the ones doodling something specially for you on the omelet rice!

One of the most popular menu items of the shop is the "Zaikōsei Original Cocktail (830 yen, tax excluded)".